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Customer Analysis: Getting to Know You

You hear a lot about ‘customer value’ and ‘customer lifetime value’ in the ecommerce industry. RI360 for X-Cart brings a common-sense approach to this kind of customer analysis.

Online dating has revolutionized relationships. Romantic algorithms make sure you’re well matched, but a relationship started over computers becomes true love over coffee. When you sit down face-to-face you can see her smile, notice if he uses cream or sugar, and really get to know one another.

Online shopping has revolutionized spending. And just like a date, you’ll get to know your customer when you can study her habits. And just like creeping on someone’s social media, there’s a lot you can discover in your own database by delving into your paying customers’ profiles.  

This goldmine of information is effectively collected by your X-Cart platform, one single sale at a time. RI360 for X-Cart makes it easy to get your hands on this information, so you can get inside your customer’s head. RI360 for X-Cart smoothly gathers your data into stunning visual dashboards so you can see patterns and trends. You’ll know what’s working, which products are selling … and which customers are most valuable.

You hear a lot about ‘customer value’ and ‘customer lifetime value’ in the ecommerce industry. RI360 for X-Cart brings a common-sense approach to this kind of customer analysis.

Our Customer Dashboard gives you a high-level view at a glance. How many customers do you have? Are they loyal? How much do they spend? These important values provide an overview of your customer base. These measures are easy to understand: you want a lot of paying customers, spending a lot of money on average, shopping with you multiple times.

You can do more than creep on your customers: you can court them. Send new customers a nice “Welcome!” email message, send repeat customers a thank you card, or offer stagnant customers an incentive to come back. It’s expensive and time consuming to attract new customers, so better be nice to the ones you have!

You can also graphically see how long it’s been since paying customers have placed an order. This graph should be heavy on the left, demonstrating that many customers have ordered recently. If it’s been too long since your customers have handed over some dough, you might want to show them some love – or at least understand what’s changed in your store, product assortment, marketing, inventory, policies, etc.

We jokingly call this final chart the “second date chart” because it illustrates how many customers have placed more than one order. In this example, about half of all customers have returned for that valuable “second date” by spending more money at your store.

While these charts are easy, interesting, and attractive, you can always drill down to see the details behind the values. So, for example, if you want to see the 707 customers that placed an order in the past 50 days, just click on that column to see the wonderful customer details. We’ll talk more about these values in our next post.  

Click on charts to see customer details.


RI360 for X-Cart is an X-Cart Addon available from the X-Cart Marketplace . A monthly RI360 for X-Cart subscription helps you manage and grow your business by showing patterns, trends, and streamlined details about your sales transactions, inventory, customer value, and abandoned carts. Throw away any eye-glazing notions about the terms data, analytics, and reporting – with RI360, your data is smoothly gathered into beautiful charts, comprehensive graphs, and detailed spreadsheets you can see from your desktop, mobile device, or tablet. You’ll know what’s working, which products are selling, and which customers are most valuable – and what you need to fix. Sign up today and an onboarding specialist will quickly set up your account and unleash your X-Cart data in stunning visual dashboards on our secure platform.

Online Store Savvy

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