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The most important benefit we’ve received from ReconInsight is consistency in our reporting. We now have accurate and up-to-date reporting about how things stand across multiple systems.
— Richard Baughman, VP of IT, Shentel Communications

Communication Service Providers

The volume of data that communication service providers (CSPs) collect is growing exponentially. According to IBM, CSPs must sore through billions of call records, 60 terabytes of location data and 20-30 terabytes of Twitter data daily. With so much data coming in from so many locations, it’s challenging to gain the insights you need to drive revenue, improve your operational efficiencies and meet regulatory requirements. 

When you partner with ReconInsight, you’ll get unified analysis and reporting across your entire organization. Our telecom professionals help CSPs understand all aspects of their complex businesses and operations. We’ll provide you with the data analytics, reporting and best practices you need to stay competitive and drive revenue.  

With our data analytics and reporting software and services, you can:

Turn Each Customer Touch Point Into Revenue

Phone calls … social media … chat sessions …

It seems like there are endless ways to stay in touch with customers. With so many channels, it can be hard to track conversations and keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers want. 

Our data analytics and reporting services allow you to track each customer interaction and turn it into revenue. You’ll learn why customers reach out to you, what channels they use and what problems they have. You’ll also automate many of your processes, which will reduce your customer service costs and allow you to solve problems faster. 

Track Revenue Across Your Entire Organization

Revenue impacts every aspect of your business. However, many CSPs don’t have the right tools to measure revenue across their organization.

We have established revenue reporting systems for CSPs – including Hawaiian Telcom and Swiftel Communications. We can help you measure your recurring, one-time and billed revenue for specific regions, markets, products and business lines. This will give you on-demand insight into your most and least profitable endeavors, so you can make savvy business decisions. 

Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Subscribers  

To stay competitive, today’s CSPs must have a deep understanding of their subscriber base. Knowing your number of customers – along with what services or products they use – will help you make profitable business decisions. 

Our data analytics and reporting services will help you learn more about your subscribers. We have assisted several CSPs with subscriber counting and can also help you learn what products your subscribers use. You’ll also see how revenue and churn relate to your subscriber count, so you can take measures to improve your customer experience. 

Decrease Your Churn Rates

In the heavily saturated communications market, you can’t afford to lose customers. CSPs must provide a superior experience to stand out from the competition and retain subscribers. 

Our data analytics and reporting services show you why customers are leaving, so you can take measures to improve your customer experience. This will help you increase subscriber satisfaction and reduce your churn rates.  

Run Targeted Marketing Campaigns and Measure Their Effectiveness

The more targeted your marketing campaigns, the more you will attract leads and turn them into customers. Our data analytics and reporting services will give you valuable insights into your customers. This will help your marketing team create effective promotions. You’ll also see up-to-the-minute data on how your campaigns are performing, so you can focus on your most profitable marketing opportunities. 

Reduce On-Site Service Calls

Dispatching a truck for a service call is expensive. With our data analytics and reporting software, you can quickly determine if a service call is necessary. 

You can also measure the quantity and quality of your technicians’ work. For example, you can see how much work each technician or team completes, so you can adjust their workloads accordingly. You can also learn if a technician is fixing problems or causing new issues – minimizing your need to send another technician to the same site later.

Monitor Trouble Tickets in Real Time

The amount of time it takes you to resolve issues can make or break your customers’ satisfaction. We offer real-time trouble ticket monitoring, so you can quickly identify and fix problems. We’ll organize your trouble tickets, track patterns and measure their closure time. This helps you improve your service and retain more customers.   

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