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October 2015 Webinar

Mastering Subscriber and Change Reporting - Part 1

Please join us for a webinar and hear our experts discuss levels of sophistication around subscriber reporting in communication service provider organizations. This will be the first of two webinars on this topic. Executives, management, business analysts and reporting analysts are all encouraged to attend. 

The term “subscriber reporting” is a broad term and there are many approaches used across the industry. For the sake of this discussion, this term covers counting customers, counting service accounts, and counting products. Understanding the current counts is the first step and understanding how these change and churn over time is typically the end goal of subscriber analysis. Part one of this webinar will focus on counting customers, service accounts, and products. Part two will discuss measuring the changes that occur. 

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Duration: 30 minutes

Date and Time: Thursday October 20 at 2PM ET

Hosts: Chris Reitter & Kevin Fedorak, Principals at ReconInsight

       Chris and Kevin co-founded ReconInsight 10 years ago and have helped service providers report, analyze, count and measure every aspect of their business.