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ReconInsight is affordable and will not side track your company to implement.”
— David Lively, The Lively Merchant


Organizations are drowning in data. With so much data coming in from so many sources, it can be challenging to find the gems that are buried in your systems. 

But if you have the right tools to harness this data, you can gain valuable insights that allow you to blast past your competition. 

Our data analytics and reporting software helps you make sense of your data. This will allow you to be more efficient, improve your customer experience and drive business.

RI360: Turn Massive Amounts of Data Into Actionable Business Intelligence

RI360 provides you with unified analysis and reporting across your entire organization. Through a centralized data store, all of your personnel can access up-to-the-minute reports, analytics and business intelligence.  

With RI360, you can: 

  • Store all of your data in one central location to make it quick and easy to find information.
  • Automate your data collection and reporting. 
  • Crunch data without impacting your operational system, so users won’t experience performance issues when others are handling large volumes of data.
  • Allow end users to fulfill their own data requests using self-service querying. This allows them to get information on-demand, without the need to ask IT for one-off reports.
  • Produce charts that give your personnel at-a-glance insight into data

RI360 can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. With our cloud offering, you won’t need internal IT resources to support the system. This allows you to lower your costs while ensuring that experienced IT professionals will watch over your data. 

CommBI: Out-of-the-Box Analytics and Business Intelligence for iCommVergence

CommBI is an add on for RI360 and is preconfigured to work with CommSoft’s iCommVergence billing system. With CommBI, you can avoid the hassle of lengthy and costly integrations. This allows you to immediately start pulling valuable insights from your iCommVergence data.

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