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RI360 Online

Your Data Analysis Platform

A Data Analysis Platform with a Common Sense Approach


Throw away any eye-glazing notions about the terms data, analytics, and reporting – with RI360, your data is smoothly gathered into beautiful charts, comprehensive graphs, and detailed spreadsheets you can see from your desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Our seasoned on-boarding specialists can configure your data sets, no matter how simple or how complex.

The result is a place everyone in your organization can go to get the same answers. Say goodbye to disparate decision making platforms. Reach out to chat about your data challenges and perhaps schedule a demo.


Make Better Decisions

Your most important business information in a single place - allowing you and your team to make effective decisions. RI360 smoothly gathers your data into stunning visual dashboards so you can see patterns and trends.


How's Business? Just Ask!

We are integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Get a briefing while making breakfast or walking your dog. Hands free!

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Drill Into What Matters

You can always see the data details that are behind the visual dashboards. Click and drill into any data point.


Not Just Pretty Pictures

Once you see patterns and trends, diving into the detailed information. Details are presented in a human format, not a database table format.  Filter and analyze in RI360. And then, if needed, extract pertinent details to Excel for further analysis.

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True Self-Service Data Queries

Datasheets allow every user create their own queries, alleviating the need to go to your report analyst for most data requests.

ReconInsight is affordable and will not side track your company to implement.
— David Lively, Ri360 Online Customer, The lively merchant

With you Along the Way

We don’t expect you to be data experts - that’s our job. We model your data, plug RI360 into your data sources. We do the technical work so you can start making informed decisions right away and focus your business.


In the Cloud or in your Data Center

We are happy to host RI360 for you. We'll get you up and running quickly in your own private cloud environment. You can find RI360 Online pricing here.