End-to-end business analytics software & services so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

You understand the power of business intelligence, but don’t know where to start. ReconInsight will enable you to harness the power of your data quickly and easily.

Your Data. Curated.

At ReconInsight we package our data analytics professional services and software into one cost-effective monthly subscription. Our unique approach allows you to have complete autonomy over your business’ data in as little as 30 days.

All of our subscription packages include:

  • Implementation Services - we set up our software, Ri360, in your business environment. Typically takes 5-7 days.

  • Guidance from the Masters - we assign a dedicated ReconInsight Data Master to curate your data.

  • Ongoing Support - after you are up and running, we will continue to provide support through the length of your subscription.

Whether you are a data novice or Data Master, ReconInsight will bridge the gap between your data and its business value.

Business analytics powered by Ri360 software. Bring your data to life.

Data analysis is only as good as its engine, which is why we chose to build our own platform, Ri360. When you combine Ri360 with our top-notch Data Team, it’s the perfect match for any business’ analytics program.

Ri360 is included in all of our subscription packages to ensure you get the business insights you need. Ri360 was created with your business in mind:

  • Data Levels - start with the big picture, and then zoom in to data subsets with ease.

  • Summary Analysis - no need for manual data mining, every report has a sidebar that aggregates the data into a high-level analysis.

  • Guaranteed Integration with your systems

  • Complete Data Pipeline for all of your structured data - In the cloud or in your data center

  • Visual Dashboards & Reports