Ri360 for X-Cart:

Reporting & Analytics for your X-Cart eCommerce Store

What is Ri360 for X-Cart?

Using our flagship product, Ri360, we created an easy to use reporting and analytics integration for X-Cart that has all the great features of Ri360. It includes pre-built dashboards, reports, and ReconInsight’s unique analytics coding curated specifically for X-Cart’s eCommerce use case.

Ri360 for X-Cart smoothly gathers your data into visual dashboards that you can filter and edit to meet your needs. Quickly get insight into key business measurements.

Included on this page:

  • Top 10 Reasons Ri360 is Different from other X-Cart Reporting Tools

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This is one of the first report programs that is written from the standpoint of the business owner! Very flexible and I love the daily updates. This program will be getting a lot of use in the coming year.
— Suz

How is Ri360’s reporting and analytics different from other X-Cart integrations?

We want to make your decision process as easy as possible, and we know this is a big question for consumers. Ri360 for X-Cart helps you manage your business - whether through customer analysis and engagement, or sales trending; but for the purpose of this question we are going to limit ourselves to:

Top 10 reasons Ri360 is different from other X-Cart reporting tools

  1. eCommerce-focused dashboards - pre-built with unique analytical coding and logic on the backend specifically designed for the eCommerce use case. Pre-built dashboards are comprised of reports and layers of data, the Ri360 for X-Cart integration includes dozens of dashboards, but to name a few: Customer Analysis & Engagement, Sales Transactions & Trends, and Product Inventory.

  2. Trend reports - See your data month over month, year over year. Are you improving? How are your sales this month compared to last?

  3. Daily A.M. Emails - always stay in the know. Ri360’s morning emails come with sales trends of this month compared to last, and a full inventory management summary by default. If you find you want other reports or summaries included, just let us know and we can easily set it up for you!

  4. Complete visibility to ALL of your business data - sales, customer inventory, and product information. View it in a plethora of ways with filters, self-service queries, and data levels. No more limited visibility or functionality to your data.

  5. 30 minutes each month - all monthly subscriptions with ReconInsight include time with one of our Data Analytics Masters. Our data team has over 75+ years of combined business analytics experience and we are here to help you solve complicated data problems, provide guidance for what to do next with your business analytics program, or discuss best practices.

  6. Create your own custom logic - as long as there is a data point to use, you can manipulate your data to meet your needs. Create reports, dashboards, filters, and views to meet your needs.

  7. Ri360 integrates with everything - the Ri360 for X-Cart is a great way to dip your toes into the world of business analytics because Ri360 leaves your options open for future integrations with other business systems you use. We intentionally built Ri360 to work with all types of systems and products. It is intended to be a business management platform that brings all of your data together, stores it, and presents it to you in a useful, business-oriented way.

  8. Easy excel exports - this is something we know our customers love. If you need to share information with a partner or prefer to play with data in excel - you can do it with two clicks.

  9. Ri360 is your information repository - not only does it pull information from X-Cart every 24 hours, it also securely stores all of your business data. It allows Ri360 to work its analytical magic on your data, respond quickly to new queries, and becomes especially important if you choose to use Ri360 for more than 1 integration.

  10. Our “Peace of Mind” Policy - You will be able to take advantage of all Ri360’s features and functionality right away with the quick set-up of Ri360 for X-Cart by our experts and the guidance of ReconInsight’s Data Team that is included in your Ri360 subscription package.

What’s Next?

If you feel ready to take the next step - schedule a demo using the calendar below. We can answer any questions you may have and give you a more in-depth tour of Ri360 for X-Cart.

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