X-Cart Reporting and Analytics

This is one of the first report programs that is written from the standpoint of the business owner! Very flexible and I love the daily updates. This program will be getting a lot of use in the coming year.
— Suz

The Data You Need

It’s all there. All the data you need to manage your eCommerce company is there in your shopping cart platform – products, sales, inventory, customers.

The data’s there, alright - but it's inside your X-Cart application. And now getting your hands on this information has never been easier. 

RI360 for X-Cart smoothly gathers your data into stunning visual dashboards so you can see patterns and trends. You’ll know what’s working, which products are selling … and which customers are most valuable.

Once you see patterns and trends, extract pertinent details to Excel for further analysis or load these lists into a marketing campaign.

Technology meets Service

How does it work? The answer is our web-based data analytics and dashboard platform. Dashboards can be organized with infinite combinations, data visualizations can be sliced using our filtering capability, and data sheets can be exported to Excel for further analysis. Your information is secured in a private cloud environment.

Our senior team based in the United States and Canada configures your new environment quickly – modeling your data needs and integrating with your X-Cart environment – ensuring your specific data needs are met. We take care of this entire process for you. Once live, we monitor your environment throughout every day to ensure your information is processing properly.

How it Works

make better decisions

  1. Log into your private RI360 for X-Cart account anytime to study your online business. You can use a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

  2. View your information dozens of different ways using charts and other visualizations.

  3. Drill down to view detailed lists of sales transactions, product inventory, customers, and abandoned carts.


  1. We work with you or your technical team to integrate your X-Cart with a private, secure RI360 cloud.

  2. Your X-Cart pushes data to RI360 every night for continued analysis.

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