We are proud of our origins, our journey, and where we are headed.


Dear Reader,

Way back in 2005, we founded ReconInsight with one goal: help businesses turn their data into actionable business intelligence. At the time, we were just a couple of passionate data nerds with a few card tables and the wonders of video conferencing to keep us connected from our home offices in Denver and Calgary.

We immediately began work on Ri360. We needed a tool unlike any other on the market. We avoided the ‘out of the box’ approach that anyone can implement in minutes (usually with quite a few caveats). We made Ri360 a tool for us - as robust and customizable as possible so that we can implement quickly and easily in any business’s technology environments. We built Ri360 to be data analytics software without limits, because we also knew we would be the ones to implement it for our customers.

Then came the second part of our business: Data Analytics Masters. Ri360 is a SaaS product with a focus on Service. We’ve witnessed many businesses having to compromise on their data programs. They can afford software OR services, but rarely both. We’ve seen first hand that a data analytics tool is only as powerful as the humans using it.

We wanted our customers empowered to gain continuous business value from their data.

For that reason we package our software and services as a monthly deal - why compromise on software or services when you can have both? You should be empowered to confidently make decisions based on your data. You should feel calm and not frantic about your data analytics program. At ReconInsight, we’ve designed our product and services to ensure you can accomplish just that.

Our model is especially relevant now, in 2019, when Business Analytics has come to the forefront of so many business needs. Many businesses don’t have their own data teams and ReconInsight fills that gap. We are a small group of experts, but we work with any business - no matter the size.

We are proud of our origins, our journey, and where we are headed. We’ve established a great team of Data Masters. We’ve built an awesome data pipeline and business analytics software solution.

We’d love to get to know you, and encourage you to reach out with any questions. In the meantime, we will be here, keeping our eyes on one of the most important assets businesses today have:


Chris & Kevin

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