Keep calm, Command Your Data.

Ri360 brings your data to life with beautiful charts, comprehensive graphs, and detailed spreadsheets. ReconInsight’s team of data masters will configure your data sets, no matter how simple or how complex.

Whether you are embarking on a data analytics program or looking for a top-notch business management tool, Ri360 will enable you to meet your business goals through data autonomy, and actionable business intelligence.

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A Data Analysis Platform with a Common Sense Approach

Your most important business information in a single place in Ri360’s information repository. Ri360 is presented in a human format, not a database format - so you can see patterns, trends, and dive deeper into the details with Data Levels.



  • Visual Dashboards & Comprehensive Reports

  • Easy excel exports

  • Filter and sort your data

  • A Complete Data Pipeline for all of your business’ structured data - pulled every 24 hours

  • Guaranteed Integration with your business systems

  • Accessible from desktop, tablet or mobile

  • Data Levels start with the big picture, and then zoom in to data subsets with ease.

  • Summary Analysis on every report provides a sidebar that aggregates the data into a high-level analysis.

  • Voice Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant - Get your daily briefing on the go.

  • Statistical Forecasting - projects how any given data point will progress months into the future.

  • Data Security for all of your business data in Ri360’s information repository.


Our model of combined software and services with the Ri360 subscription ensures that we can guarantee integration of Ri360 with your business systems.

We’ve chosen to list our integrations in two ways: by type of system and by specific software. Either way, rest easy knowing that Ri360 can integrate with any structured data system - even if you don’t see it listed here.


Type of System

  • Financials

  • Transportation

  • CRM

  • Marketing

  • Work Force

  • Telecommunications BSS/OSS

  • Call Center

  • Shopping Carts

  • Sales

  • Asset Management


Specific Software

  • Google Analytics 

  • SAP

  • Salesforce

  • Oracle JD Edwards

  • Cisco Call Manager

  • IBM Maximo

  • Traf-Sys VisiCount

  • QuickBooks

  • Oracle Netsuite

  • Interactive Intelligence I3

  • Sprint Wireless (affiliate data systems)

Our “Peace of Mind” Policy

You will be able to take advantage of all Ri360 features and functionality right away with the guidance of ReconInsight’s Data Team that is included in your Ri360 subscription package.