Say Hello to Your Data Team.

Be confident in your data.

Starting and maintaining a data program requires a significant investment and constant oversight. Our aim is to ease any time or financial constraints you may have by providing a full-circle data analytics solution that includes our services.

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Our Data Masters have dedicated their careers to data analytics.

We don’t expect you to be data experts - that’s our job. We do the technical work so you can start making informed decisions right away and focus on your business.

Our product, Ri360, keeps ReconInsight’s Data Masters at the helm. Ri360 is guaranteed to integrate with all of your data sources and operates as a information repository for all of your structured business data.

With Ri360 we are able to curate your data to meet your needs and ensure that you are able to glean actionable business intelligence.

Keep calm, command your business.

ReconInsight’s Data Masters will help you make sense of your data so you can drive real business results:

  • Drive revenue

  • Improve operational efficiencies

  • Meet regulatory requirements

  • Decrease churn rates

  • Maintain data security

  • Measure efficacy of your marketing and sales efforts

  • Monitor support tickets in real time

  • Reduce on-site service calls

Meet Our Data Team.


Kevin Fedorak

Principal &



Kevin founded ReconInsight with Chris in 2005. He specializes in data architecture, data systems, and database programming. He has worked in information systems for more than 35 years in energy, medical systems, and telecom.


Chris Reitter
Principal &



Chris founded ReconInsight with Kevin in 2005. He specializes in computer programming, solution architecture, and product development. He has worked on complex software systems for over 25 years.


Ken Klak



Ken joined ReconInsight a few years after it was founded. Ken specializes in business intelligence implementations. He has worked on computer systems across several industries for more than 35 years.


Kim Prince



Kim is a certified Oracle database administrator and developer with over 25 years of experience. She have successfully designed, developed and supported databases holding terabytes of data.