Meet Kim Prince

Kim Prince joined ReconInsight in 2013, and boasts over 25 years of experience and a B.S. in Management Information Systems. She is a certified Oracle Database administrator and developer, having successfully designed, developed, and supported databases holding terabytes of data.

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My production support experience empowers me to see all projects from the maintenance perspective while also working on development.

Kim’s professional career has been shaped by her interest in data - she has been a data analyst, database developer, database administrator, technical leads, and a database manager managing other database admins and 100s of databases across multiple data centers. At ReconInsight, Kim is our Senior Database Consultant / Wizard.

She has worked closely with development teams, is a database developer herself, and has extensive expertise in SQL, PL/SQL and stored procedure development. Kim also has top-notch troubleshooting and shell scripting skills to ensure that any unforeseen problems will be overcome quickly and efficiently.

ReconInsight is lucky to have Kim - she is always hungry for a new problem and won’t quit until she finds the best solution. Chris and Kevin met Kim while working with her as a customer at Winfirst, in 2001, while they were working at Ceon. The three of them helped build a data center and provisioning system from the ground up.

Kim enjoying a recent holiday with family!

Kim enjoying a recent holiday with family!

When asked what special skills Kim brings to ReconInsight, Chris boasts, “Kim has a vast, historic knowledge of database platforms and brings a systemic approach to the rigors of database administration.” Chris continues, “She is always ready to help a client solve tricky problems.”

Kim currently lives in Sacramento, CA, with her husband, son, and cat. She enjoys snow skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, traveling, and drinking wine. In her free time, she volunteers at her son’s school and church.

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