ReconInsight 2.0: Why we re-branded

Welcome to our brand-new website! Before we get too far we want to make it clear that we are the same company - same people, same awesome product and services - just a new look.

The ReconInsight team has always been passionate about the work we do and the software we have built, but at the end of the day we are a group of software developers and data-nerds that struggled to find the right words to describe what we do. We knew that the services we provide and the software we’ve built are important and impactful to any business, however it also felt like things were ‘getting lost in translation’ whenever our tech-minded stories took over.

Mid-way through 2018 we finally decided that ReconInsight needed a refresh. So, we did a hard reset.

We paused, reflected, and we found a voice that can do our story justice.

We hope this re-branding provides clarity to you as it did for us. We encourage you to peruse the site - all of the content is new. The ReconInsight team is breathing a collective sigh of relief that we are finally telling our story in a way we have always wanted to.

Our hope is that this new site gives you confidence in your ability to harness your business data and take action on it. Be confident that we can help you manage your data program.

Data analytics and business intelligence are daunting ideas that can seem insurmountable at times. ReconInsight is here to make sure you can tackle your data, harness its power and tell your story, too. Not only tell your story - but also predict it!

We are very excited for our new site. It has been long in the making and it is energizing to book-end 2018 & 2019 with this launch.

What do you think? Leave a comment below or drop us a line.

Kind Regards,

The ReconInsight Team

P.S. If you are new to ReconInsight, we highly recommend you check-out the Letter from Our Founders to learn more about our history.